important days are worth remembering

There are special days in our lives that we find significant enough to commemorate with anniversaries.
Every day is an anniversary of something for someone – a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a job or promotion anniversary, a graduation, a sobriety milestone. And then there are those anniversaries celebrated nationally as holidays: Christmas, New Years, Presidents Day, and Mother’s Day, to mention just a few.

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MyDays helps you manage those days that matter to you and countdown to them. You will never forget those important days!……

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Commemorations of significant days’ anniversaries have become important to almost all of us.

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important days are worth remembering

As an independent developer, I try my best to develop every application and try to design the details of each application. I remember listening to a sentence before: If the soul does not have a place to live, where is it to wander? That's why I want to make MyDays a warm "home" because I know that it will accompany me in the rain and wind, and the past is a bit of a walk with it.